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Sunday, June 2, 2024 (tentative)

REGISTER TODAY as a free agent player or as a team! 

OPEN to all Teams & Individuals: Boys & Girls 2028 - 2034
2028-2034 individuals, club, rec, and town teams all welcome! 

Location: TBA in the DMV

Contact: Tracey Cantabene,

MDLX, in partnership with USA LACROSSE presents a unique SIXES LACROSSE EVENT

Lacrosse Sixes is an exhilarating, action-packed version of the fastest game on two feet. The Super Sixes logo and brand reflects the immediate excitement of this dynamic sport that is expected to be played in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Main Rules Differences:
1. 6v6 (includes goalie).
2. 12 players max on Sixes Free agent team 
3. 30 second shot clocks
4. No Offsides. All Players play offense and defense!
5. 8 minute running quarters
6. 2 Point Goal 12 Yard Arc (MDLX Events exclusive)
7. 60 x 35 yard Field 
8. No Longsticks
9. Face-Off only to start each quarter
10. DIVES ARE ALOWED! (MDLX Events exclusive)

MDLX Events Super Sixes Tournament Special Awards:
1. MCP - Most Creative Players 
2. Best Sportsmanship Players
3. Championship Players Awards
4. Championship Team Award 

Individuals will be on talented house teams! $150/player includes a Game Jersey (pictured)!

Register Teams HERE for Only $1200/Team (12 player max)

2029-2034 Boys Only MUST Click to Age Verify your child(ren) with USA Lacrosse before this event to be eligible to play.

USA Lacrosse is excited to partner with MDLX Events and support the Super Sixes lacrosse event for boys and girls!

Together they will develop best Sixes rules and practices around youth and high school level Sixes Tournaments nationwide.  This partnership represents a first step for USA Lacrosse in developing regional and national events in the Sixes game.

USA Lacrosse will be present on site selling merchandise and answering questions about the new Age Verification process and Sixes Lacrosse.

Read USA Lacrosse Article Here

REQUIRED by Parents to submit this for their child(ren) before event.

Book individual rooms or reserve a group block.

All Free Agents Get a Game Jersey Pictured! Teams can order full uniforms.