Box lacrosse (and outdoor lacrosse) was a game that was created by the Iroquois people of northeastern North America. In their history it was said to be 'The Creator's Game' given to the Iroquois people and the story behind it holds tremendous pride and honor. Lacrosse is also the national sport of Canada where the indoor version called "BOX" is primarily played, not outdoor.

The CBLL was started to offer boys lacrosse players in the DC metro area a better option to improve during the offseason. We feel it is another excellent opportunity for players to play more lacrosse and develop skills faster while having a LOT of fun. The game of box lacrosse is growing rapidly across North America.  NCAA All-Americans from Canada like John Grant Jr., Gary Gait and Brodie Merril have shown why Box lacrosse is key for skill development as they are arguably some of the best outdoor players of all time. They grew up ONLY playing Box Lacrosse, not indoor lacrosse. Americans like Paul Rabil and Casey Powell, who play professionally in the NLL, attribute playing Box lacrosse to their massive skill development and advantage in outdoor lacrosse. The NLL pro league is actually pulling in 15,000 fans a night across America during their season.  The box game is extremely fun to much as outdoor.  

Everyone plays offense and defense with a short-stick which forces the use of proper footwork and angles to defend the cage. This applies to attackman, midfielders and defensemen.  Box forces all players to use offensive fundamentals of the game in a confined area; Picks, Screens, Fakes, Stick Protection, Creativity, Passing and Catching in traffic, shooting on the move and finishing on a smaller goal.  All of these skills practiced makes you a BETTER outdoor player.

Box Skills Emphasize:
• Confidence in Stick Skills in Tight Space
• Defensive Footwork and body position
• Motion Offense Principles
• Shooting on the Run
• Cutting and Finishing
• Proper Shot Fakes 
• Disrupting Feeders/Shooters with Checks
• Transition Offense and Defense
Proper way to set picks, slips and screens
• Off ball movement

Play With Passion - Madlax Staff