A family vacation style event!

Teams will play games over 3 days to allow for more resort, Disneyworld and relaxation time with your friends, teammates and family.  Teams must stay in one of the world class resorts or hotels or villas we have set up specially for traveling teams.  The lighted bermuda grass fields each with professional digital scoreboards, are impressive and first class. It will truly be a memorable event that your entire family will want to attend every year. So come down early and stay after and make it a fun, family  trip.

Five games will be played over three days.  Championship teams may play 6 games. In general, there will be 1 game on the first day, 2-3 on the second day, and 1-2 on the final day.  Every division will also play a Championship.  Game schedules will be released within two weeks of the event on Tourney Machine.

Flights & Start Time

On 12/29 the earliest games (youngest players) will start at 4pm. On 12/31 the latest games (oldest players) will be done by 7pm. 


Game rules are posted on Tourney Machine.


This tournament uses an OPEN format meaning all teams in each grade are in the same division level.  We do seeds teams within each pool best we can prior to the event within each division to try to ensure balance in pool games.