Hotel Deals & Discounts: East Coast Summer Invitational

CLICK HERE for best discounts and rates! We have set up amazing deals for you to book your stay as an individual player or preferably for your team in one of these hotels. Email or call our hotel specialist, Patti O'Brien, with any hotel questions or problems, 1-800-560-9946 or

Madlax Stay & Play Policy

Madlax has set up a convenient "Stay & Play" policy for all Madlax Tournaments. Each team registering for events must make their hotel reservations at one of the hotels on our HOTEL BOOKING website linked above in order to play. You must stay at one of these approved hotels.

The reasons for implementing the "Stay & Play" policy are to simply lock the best rates possible for you as traveling guests. Also Madlax is able to prove to the host towns we have a positive impact on their local economy and thus build stronger relationships and gain access to priority venues. MORE HOTEL ROOMS mean better RATES and even better tournaments for you!

So, thanks for staying in one of our Madlax Approved Hotels. Please let us know if you have any questions,