General Information

Rules:  The field will be broken into 4 pools with 4 teams in each pool.  Each team will be guaranteed 3 games against their pool opponents.  The winners of each pool will advance to the semifinals.

Every team will be guaranteed 3 games.  NCAA rules apply.  Clock and penalties are running time.  Pool games will be two (2) 22 minute running halves.  Teams will have one timeout per game that can be taken at any time and will stop the clock.  Pool games will not go into overtime.  

Semifinal and Championship games will consist of two (2) 14 minute running time halves with one un-timed sudden death overtime period to determine the winner.  No Bravehearts.  Stop Clock in final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and OT ONLY if score is within 1 goal.  One 30 second time-out allowed per game.  Each team will have 1 timeout in OT.

Tie-Breakers within pool play will be broken by Head to Head, then lowest Goals Against then highest Goals For.  You must wear your own team reversible jersey/uniform.