Championship: Madlax Nationals defeated IMG Academy by the final score of 8-4!

MDLX Events would like to wish all of our teams and players success in spring 2019! See you back in fall 2019.

Play With Passion - MDLX Directors.

East Coast 2018 Fall Invitational Champions - Madlax Nationals


Championship: IMG Academy defeated Paul VI by a final score of 4-3!  

MDLX Events would like to wish all of our teams and players success in spring 2018!  See you back in fall 2018. 

Play With Passion - MDLX Directors


Championship: Hill Academy Red defeated Paul VI by a final score of 7-3!  

All-Tournament Team: Congrats to the players shown below. Players were selected by college coaches, ECS staff and stats taken by Cruitcast were utilized. Selection was solely based on your play on Sunday, November 20. 

MDLX Events would like to wish all of our teams and players success in spring 2017!  See you back in fall 2017. 

Play With Passion - MDLX Directors

2016 Competing Teams

Landon (Maryland)
Georgetown Prep (Maryland)
Gonzaga (DC)
Paul VI (Virginia)
Madlax Nationals (USA)
Churchill (Maryland)
Severna Park (Maryland)
St. Stephen's (Virginia)
Hill Academy #1 (Canada)
Hill Academy #2 (Canada)
St. Christopher's (Virginia)
St. Augustine (New Jersey)
St. Anne's Belfield (Virginia)
St. Mary's Ryken (Maryland)
Malvern Prep (Pennsylvania)
Robinson Secondary School (Virginia)

2016 All Tournament Team

Spencer Knife Attack 2017 Churchill
Kaleb Fernandez Midfield 2018 Georgetown Prep
Brendan Alt Attack 2017 Gonzaga
Will Rock Defense 2017 Gonzaga
Max Yarranton A/M 2017 Hill Academy
Dyson Williams A/M 2019 Hill Academy
Wake Riat Bowhunter Attack 2017/18 Hill Academy
Marcs Johnstone Defense 2019 Hill Academy
Lucas Clarke Faceoff  2019 Hill Academy
Lucas Snider Midfield 2017/18 Hill Academy
Nate Buller Attack 2017 Landon
Joey Epstein Attack 2018 Landon
Justin Shockey Faceoff  2017 Landon
Mo Sillah LSM 2018 Landon
Alex Trippi Attack 2017 Madlax Nationals
Jack Scalia Defense 2017 Madlax Nationals
Jordan Radoll Midfield 2017 Madlax Nationals
Billy Coyle A/M 2018 Malvern Prep
Quinn McCahon Midfield 2018 Malvern Prep
Danny Kielbasa A/M 2017 Paul VI
Tommy Brackett Goalie 2017 Paul VI
Jackson Smith Midfield 2017 Paul VI
Roman Pugliese Midfield 2017 Paul VI
Joe Otero Defense 2017 Robinson
Devin Townsend Midfield 2017 Robinson
Cian Chung Midfield 2017 Severna Park
Joe Robertson Attack 2017 St. Anne's Belfield
Jeffrey Perkins Goalie 2018 St. Anne's Belfield
Ehtan Kazmierski Midfield 2017 St. Augustine Prep
Davis Gillenwater Attack 2019 St. Christopher's
John Damgard Midfield 2017 St. Christopher's
Ben Ferrell Attack 2019 St. Mary's Ryken
Bryce Travers Goalie 2018 St. Mary's Ryken
Quinn Ellenwood Midfield 2017 St. Mary's Ryken
Jackson Reynolds Attack 2019 St. Stephen's & St. Agnes
Andrew Tyeryar Faceoff  2019 St. Stephen's & St. Agnes
Will Sterrett Goalie 2018 St. Stephen's & St. Agnes
Rainier Lee Midfield 2018 St. Stephen's & St. Agnes

2015 Participants

2015 Teams: 

Hill Academy #1
Hill Academy #2
Georgetown Prep
Paul VI
Severna Park
Landon School
Madlax Nationals
East Coast Showcase Team #1
East Coast Showcase Team #2
East Coast Showcase Team #3
East Coast Showcase Team #4

All-Tournament Team 2015

Jake Simon Goalie 2016 Bullis
Steve Shollenberger Att/Mid 2016 Bullis
Alex Trippi Attack 2017 Bullis
Kyle Berkeley Midfield 2017 Calverton
Brannon Thacker LSM/D 2017 Calverton
Ty Yanko Midfield 2017 Calverton
Reed Moshyedi Midfield 2018 Churchill
Austin LaBorwit FOGO 2016 Churchill
Jimmy Rubino Def/LSM 2018 Churchill
Gavin Lindsay Midfield 2017 Georgetown Prep
T Ridgeway Attack 2018 Georgetown Prep
Jake Mores FOGO 2016 Georgetown Prep
Connar Mulcahy Goalie 2017 Gonzaga
Avery Myers Midfield 2016 Gonzaga
Will Rock Def/LSM 2017 Gonzaga
Tanner Cook Midfield 2016-17 Hill Academy Red
Justin Ianacio FOGO 2017 Hill Academy Red
Dyson Williams Attack 2018-19 Hill Academy Red
Grayden Hogg Attack 2018-19 Hill Academy White
Matthew Shand Midfield 2016-17 Hill Academy White
Jerry Staats Defense 2016-17 Hill Academy White
Griffin Brown Midfield 2017 Landon
Will Powell Midfield 2017 Landon
Griffin Valentine Defense 2017 Landon
Jasper Tyner Midfield 2016 Madlax Nationals
Parker Baddley LSM 2016 Madlax Nationals
John Tarver Attack 2016 Madlax Nationals
Mike McCormick Attack 2016 PVI
Roman Pugliese Midfield 2017 PVI
Tommy Brackett Goalie 2017 PVI
Michael Lamon Attack 2017 Severn
Charlie Olmert Attack 2017 Severn
Jacob Mandish Defense 2016 Severn
Cian Chung Midfield 2017 Severna Park
Trevor Patschorke Attack 2017 Severna Park
Matthew O'Callaghan Defense 2016 Severna Park
Zebulon Fuller Goalie 2019 Naples High School, Florida (Showcase Team)
Will Atkins Goalie 2016 St. Alban's, DC (Showcase Team)
Luke Caracciolo Goalie 2018 Paul VI, Virginia (Showcase Team)
Aidan Fitzgerald Defense 2018 Stone Bridge High, Virginia (Showcase Team)
Pete Sitton Midfield 2019 Highland Park, Texas (Showcase Team)
Will McLeish Defense 2018 Potomac School, Virginia (Showcase Team)

All Tournament Team 2014

Name Last Name Position Year School
Fitz Reese Attack 2016 The Potomac School
Luke Strang Goalie 2016 Our Lady of Good Counsel
Ben Kishore Goalie 2016 Paul VI
Rocky Tonkel Midfield 2016 Maret School
Ritter Marchant Midfield 2017 St.Edwards
Luke Curran Midfield & F/O 2017 Gulf Coast High School
Jack Liebel Defense (close or LSM) 2016 Fauquier High School
Shane Corcoran Goalie 2017 The Heights
Taite Cattoni Attack 2017 Rundle College Academy
John  Scalia Defense (close or LSM) 2017 The Heights School
Jason Brown Attack 2015 Calvert Hall
Luke Ciccarone Midfield 2015 Calvert Hall
Derek Altobello Midfield 2015 Churchill HS
Nick Muscarella Midfield 2015 Churchill HS
George Christopher Goalie 2016 Gonzaga
Avery Myers middie 2016 Gonzaga
Justin Shockey Midfield 2017 Landon
Luke Kurtz Midfield 2015 Landon
Troy Jahelka LSM / D 2015 Paul VI Catholic HS
Ryan Lamb Midfield 2015 Paul VI Catholic HS
Craig Chick Defense 2015 South River HS 
Gunnar Schimoler Attack/MF 2015 South River HS 
Nicolas DeCaprio LSM 2015 St. Augustine Prep
Charlie Kitchen Attack 2016 St. Augustine Prep
Brett Bell Midfield 2016 St. Mary's Ryken Varsity
Jimmie Wilkerson Midfield 2015 St. Mary's Ryken Varsity
Chase Goree Att/Mid 2016 St. Stephen's
Sam Dyson LSM/Mid 2016 St. Stephen's
Eric Buhle Goalie 2015 St. Anne's-Belfield
Rob Schotta LSM 2015 St. Anne's-Belfield
Fleet Wallace Midfield 2015 St. Christopher's
Sean Menges LSM 2016 St. Christopher's

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