Congratulations to all Past Champions and thank you to all participating teams. We hope to see you back next year!  If any parents or friend wants to have a high resolution version of the Team Champions Photo  emailed to them for free just let us know. Email and we will gladly send it so you can frame it or give it as a gift.

2018 Champions

High School Varsity: FCA Maryland(MD)
2021: Sentry(TX)
2022-Browns: Team Carolina(NC)
2022-Dolphins: Hooville LC(VA)
2023: True Blue(NY)
2024: Madlax-Nationals
2025: FCA Maryland(MD)
2026: Madlax-Capital(DC)
2027/2028: Sentry(TX)

2017 Champions

High School: Venom 2019 (VA)
2021: Team 91 MD (MD)
2022: Madlax-Captial 2022 (DC)
2023: Team Carolina 2023 (NC)
2024: Madlax-Capital 2024 (DC)
2025: Team 91 MD 2025  (MD)
2025/26: Team Carolina 2025 (NC)

2016 Champions

2018: Top Tier (NC)
2019: Big 4 HHH (PA)
2020AA: Calvert Cannons (MD)
2020A: 3D Mid-Atlantic (VA)
2021AA: Greene Turtle (MD)
2021A: Chesapeake Storm (MD)
2022AA: Madlax-Capital (DC Area)
2022A: 3D Mid-Atlantic (VA)
2023: Madlax-Capital 2024 (DC Area)
2024: Bethesda (MD)
2024B/25: Team 42 2024 (MD)

2015 Champions

Due to rain we had many Championship games canceled. 
High School: No Champion. Lax Factory 2017 finished 3-0. 
2019AA: Madlax-Capital
2019 A/B: No Champion. Koopers, Madlax, Hawks, 3D were all 3-0.
2020AA: Palm Beach Revolution
2020 A/B: Fusion LC
2021 Open: No Champion. Storm, Bethesda, Koopers, Cyclones were all 3-0.
2022AA: Palm Beach Revolution
2022/23 A/B: Hawks
2024 Open: No Champion. Bethesda and Madlax were both 3-0. 

2014 Champions

HSJV - True Blue (Long Island, NY)
U15AA - Sentry Mustangs (Dallas, TX)
U15A - True Indiana (Indianapolis, IN)
U13AA - Madlax-Capital (Greater DC area)
U13A - HOCO Lax 2019 (Howard Co., MD)
U13B - Lax Factory (Frederick, MD)
U11AA - Madlax-Capital (Greater DC area)
U11A - Hawks 2022 Green (Annapolis, MD)
U11B - Lax Factory (Frederick, MD)
U9AA - Kooper's (Baltimore, MD)
U9A - Gonzo Lax (Carroll Co., MD)

2013 Champions

HSJV - Laker Future (NJ)
U15AA - Madlax-Capital
U15A - Tri-State (NJ)
U13AA - Madlax-Capital
U13A - Havoc Dune Dawgs (MD)
U13B - Roadhawks (NY)
U11AA - LI Express (NY)
U11A - Madlax-Rock (MD)
U9A - Arden (MD)