Six separate divisions that are grade based as 2022-2027 high school graduation years. We plan to combine solid A teams with AA teams and accept on 3-6 teams per grade.  If you are an age based team U9-U15 you are welcome to attend and compete but we must place you team appropriately by grade of your players. 

2022, 2023 & 2024 divisions will play at St. John's College HS - See Directions & Maps Tab for details

2025 & 2026 division will play at the Landon School - See Directions & Maps Tab for details

2027 & 2028 divisions will play at Washington Episcopal School - See Directions & Maps Tab for details


NCAA Rules. Exceptions: Any sticks. 2027 & 2028 DO NOT play 30 second clearing counts. 
All Games are four 11 minute running quarters. Ties are OK. No OT or Braveheart.
2 minute breaks between each quarter & halftime Penalties are running time also.
One time-out allowed per half anytime. It stops clock. 
All players must submit waivers via www.madlax.com/waiver 
Teams must wear own reversible game jersey ONLY. Light to dark.  


The Landon School - Landon has some of the premier athletic facilities in the mid-Atlantic region. 2025's & 2026's will use the Bordley Stadium Turf field. The Stadium is on the right after the guard gate.  
St. John's College High School - St. John's 30-acre campus features three multisport turf surfaces for the football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby and softball programs. 2022-2024 divisions will use these three excellent fields.
Washington Episcopal School - WES has a brand new field that that the 2027's & 2028's will use.

Waiver & Grade Verification 

Parents...please see the 'Player Waiver' above and fill out. Waiver forms for all players are REQUIRED prior to the start of the tournament. Parents will need to fill out the online form for each individual player.  The waiver will serve as means to confirm age and grade eligibility. Failure of a parent to do so may result in an entire team being disqualified.