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The Spring MADness Play Day 2017

Let the MAD-NESS Begin.

A Spring Play Day for 2021-2026 Teams.

  March 26, 2017
Boys AA, A & B Level Club Teams in 2021-2026 (3rd-8th grades)  
The Landon School, Bethesda, MD


Welcome to the 3rd annual Spring MAD-NESS Lacrosse Play Day 2017 presented by MDLX Events. This play day style tournament will take place just outside the nation's capital at Landon School in March 26, 2017. We officially invite all AA & A boys teams 2021-2026 to register today to enjoy quality competition in a top notch facility.  

This play day is perfect for teams wanting quality games before or during their spring season. Every team will play 3 games and there will only be 4 teams per grade.  

Play With Passion - MDLX Directors

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REGISTER YOUR TEAMS for the spring 2017 Tournament.

Parents of ALL players are REQUIRED to submit this for their son before event.

Make a Fun Weekend out of your Trip...Watch these Games LIVE!

Saturday, March 25 (day before nearby D1 Games)

Virginia at Hopkins
Lehigh at Navy
Marquette at Georgetown

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